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WordPress Limit Login Attempts with Akeeba Admin

Are you worried that hackers are attempting to log into your WordPress site? You’re right to be.

Hackers are guessing login credentials to break into WordPress sites every minute of the day. In fact, the WordPress login page is the most attacked page on a WordPress site. 

With more than 800 developments and hosting accounts, we are always surprised when the team is updating the WordPress website to see the stats on our Akeeba Admin Tool – Exceptions Graph and see an average of 10 brute force attempt on a small SME site. 

Once a hacker breaks in, they gain full access to your admin dashboard and can take control of your site. From there, they can misuse your site to advertise and sell illegal and fraudulent products, spam your visitors, steal your business data, among a long list of malicious acts.

Luckily, you can protect your login page by limiting the number of login attempts a user is granted to enter the correct credentials. As part of our WordPress Maintenance plans we provide Akeeba Admin and Backup Pro plugins

By limiting login attempts on your WordPress site, you can prevent hackers from trying to break into your website. This secures your site against brute force attacks.